Colombia Travel and Adventure DMC is the premier choice for high-end travelers, seeking an unforgettable adventure in Colombia. From local transportation and luxurious accommodation to expertly guided tours, we provide everything you need to create a truly memorable experience.

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Daniel & Oscar from Colombia Travel & Adventure

Who are we?

We are a company founded by two adventure-loving friends who want to show the diversity and beauty of Colombia to the world. With Oscar’s background in tourism & hotels, and Daniel’s marketing & IT experience, we are receiving clients from all around the world.

Making sure our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and support to ensure that your guests have the trip of a lifetime.

We curate all of our experiences, accommodations, transportation, and alimentations through a curated standardized checklist, which all of our visits must pass through. All of our tour guides, and partners offer at least multi-lingual tours.

Motorbike Tour guide near Bogotá

We want to show Colombia to the world

Our mission at Colombia Travel & adventure is to show to the world, the beauty inside our country. Our platform works with only the best of the best in the tourism industry inside Colombia, providing high quality tours in all the different regions.  Our main focus is for our clients to have a different perspective of Colombia and to have an unforgettable adventure with our tour guides and natives.  

Giving back to our community

Tourism is an everyday growing industry in Colombia. We want to help and formalize new and independent tourism agents around the country, bringing them money and the knowledge to start there own tourism business. 

Tierra Bomba Dones de Misericordia Foundation