Top 5 mountain bike trails near Bogota 2023

If you want to experience Colombia’s love for bicycles, there is no better place than the capital of Colombia: Bogotá. This beautiful country is full of mountain bike trails that will blow your mind, and the good news is that we are discovering more routes with the reduction of war inside the country.

So, let’s talk about MTB biking near Bogota; the capital of Colombia. This is a big sport here, every Sunday and festive days the streets in the city close for bikes, known as “ciclovía”. Besides this, the city is full of trails nearby which locals love to ride.

Although there are many MTB trails in this list, all these routes are recommended for experienced riders because they involve difficult conditions that can cause accidents on first rides. However, if you have ridden bikes before and would like to experience some great trails near Bogotá this list will surely be something for you!

Nº5 --> Chia - La Valvanera

The Valvanera Mountain is a MTB bike trail located 1 hour outside of Bogotá and offers you an amazing trail ride. Connect with nature and ride with local bikers! The path is for intermediate riders, it is 15 km or 9 miles long. Riding through nature while experiencing pure air.

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Nº 4 --> BogotA - Guadalupe - Patios - BogotA

Bogotá is a bustling city that weaves through the mountains. While most tourists think of the city as being flat, this route will transport you to the Andes. This MTB trail ride offers mountain views, historic statues, and fantastic food in a very unique part of the city.

The route is about 39 km or 24 miles long.

Nº3 --> Guatavita - Sesquile - Guatavita

Get ready to cycle through the mountains and descends on beautiful dirt trails, taking you deep into the magic Colombia.The ride starts with a circular ride to the legendary Guatavita, pass through the Sesquile Mountains, and finish back at Guatavita.

The bike ride is 28 km or 17 miles long and about 45 mins to an hour long ride.

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Nº2 --> Suesca - CucunubA

This is a memorable ride through two rural towns 2 hours away from Bogota. Ride along Susca’s famous rocks, and the Suesca lake to arrive at the beautiful old town of Cucunuba where you can enjoy a delicious lunch. This ride across the Andes mountains takes about 2 hours to cross through 24 km or 15 Miles

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Nº1 --> Neusa Reservoir

For a fullday experience of riding, we recommend this beautiful Natural Reservoir. Ride along the Neusa lake, through forests, and mountains breathing in pure air. Leave your car at Neusa Hills Glamping and take 15 km or 9 miles around the lake. After, enjoy an amazing meal at the restaurant in Neusa Hills.


This is only a glimpse of what Colombia has to offer

As mentioned before, Colombia is a paradise for Bikers. This is why we want to show the world the endless number of trails and adventure activities in our country. Experience all types of activities on MTB, road bikes, hiking, climbing, yoga, or just relaxing with family and friends

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